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COVID 19 Virus Update-11/24/20

Tuesday, November 24, 2020


Resident, Families and Partners:


As we enter into this holiday season in the midst of a COVID surge throughout our country, we wanted to send out a letter discussing how we are approaching the holidays in our Community.

While we know all of you would like to spend the holidays visiting with your family and loved ones, I am sure you have heard many medical professionals and some government officials asking everyone to celebrate in a different way this year.

We have some promising news about some successful vaccinations, but even though residents in Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing will have priority once they become available, it does not appear that these vaccinations will be distributed until the end of the year at the earliest.  Given this and the continuing risks the virus poses to our vulnerable elders, we are asking that elders not leave the facility to go the homes of family or loved ones.  If elders do choose to leave, on their return:

  • They will be tested upon their return to Community and have follow-up testing;
  • They may be placed on isolation precautions for 14 days (even if initial tests are negative as it takes time before an individual may test positive for the virus after initial exposure).

We understand the desire to be with your loved ones during the holiday, but unfortunately, this year we are faced with unique circumstances posed by COVID.  The vulnerability and risk posed to our residents is something we have to consider.  While you or your resident loved one may be willing to take the risk, we cannot let another individual’s choice impact other residents who do not wish to take that risk, especially in light of the current surge in COVID cases.

We are fully prepared to assist you in finding other ways to celebrate with your loved one.  Including:

  • Facilitating FaceTime calls;
  • If weather permits (and current local health regulations permit), outdoor visitation and window visitation;
  • Delivering care packages or plates/food delivered by family.

We will be providing holiday activities within the facility that comply with all social distancing guidelines or within the resident’s room if he/she is required to be quarantined or isolated due to their own COVID positive status or necessary monitoring/observation after exposure.

We thank you for your support during this holiday season.  This has been a difficult year, and we are very hopeful with that the progress on the vaccines will mean that we may soon move back into normal operations.  Until then, we want to keep everyone as safe as possible.

If you have any specific questions or concerns, please contact us.

Happy Holidays!

Carolyn Lynch
Executive Director


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